Piano Repairs and Service

Minor Piano Repairs

With over 1500 moving parts in a piano action, occasional repairs are necessary.
Whenever possible, minor repairs such as key easing, broken hammer shanks or broken springs, will be carried out at the customer’s home.
We charge a basic fee of £10 per 15 minutes, including VAT, for minor repairs, when carried out with a tuning service, with the exception of string replacement.

Steel strings (tenor and treble) start at £35, including VAT.
Bass strings start at £55, including VAT.

This in situ service is backed up by the leading Piano Restoration Workshop in the UK:
Caradine Piano Specialists

Piano Service

A comprehensive piano service is required after a certain period of time, or after intensive use of the instrument.
The work usually undertaken is: reshape the hammers, remove excessive wear, regulate the action, tune and voice the piano.
An initial assessment is performed by Barry, informing you on the level of work required, in order to obtain optimum playing pleasure. You will be advised on the duration of the work and future service frequency.

Barry’s great experience and reputation in this area has enabled him to acquire an extensive clientèle in the UK.
Prices start at £350 per day, including VAT.